İnönü University İNÜYÖS Questions


04 01 2022

İnönü University is a state university established in Malatya on April 3, 1975. It was originally established as the Faculty of Basic Sciences and the Faculty of Education. On February 28, 1977, with the admission of students to the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics departments of the Faculty of Basic Sciences, education and training began.İnönü University campus is among the 10 most beautiful campuses in Turkey. In addition, İnönü University ranked 340th in the world and 18th in Turkey in the 2020 Green Campus (UI Green Metric) rankings.

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İNÜYÖS is an exam administered by our university for the placement of international students in associate and undergraduate programs at our university. INUYOS exam is held regularly every year.There are 80 questions in the exam aiming to measure the abstract thinking and reasoning power of the candidates. 50% of the exam measures shape and space relations and analytical thinking skills, while 50% measures the power of using basic mathematics and geometry knowledge.

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